WELCOME - Bid to Win Auction offers a weekly online auction that runs from Sunday to Sunday featuring up to 100 items each week for your shopping pleasure. We are a local auction in Milford, NH but also do in-house shipping for items won. We auction all sorts of merchandise including antiques, collectibles, vintage pieces, clean used items for the home as well as newer decorative items.  If you are looking for inventory for your shop or items for the home this is the place to look each week as the bidder names the price.  Sign up for a free bidding account and start bidding it's the fun way to buy! We auction furniture, glassware, clocks, military items, tools, jewelry, paintings, mirrors, old toys, coins, just about anything that you could think of. We are licensed, bonded and insured with 50 years of buying and selling experience. We offer fair consignment rates if you have items you would like to consign to our auction please let us know you can email us photos at: or call for appt. 603 235-8439


OUR ADDRESS: 175 N. River Road Milford, NH 03055       HOURS OF OPERATION:  OPEN 3 DAYS WEEKLY on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 1 - 6 pm     TELEPHONE US: 603 235-8439 


Bid to Win welcomes anyone 18 years or older to register for a free bid to win online account. Choose a user name and password then start bidding in our auction on items you like. You can place your bids anytime after 1:00 pm on Sunday when the bidding opens. Our auctions run from Sunday 1pm to the following Sunday around the same time ~ 7 day auction We have a new auction every week so check back to see what's offered next week.

Bid to Win will have a unique collection of items to offer you each week.  It's tough to predict what might come in from estates or consignors so please keep an eye on us every week if you are looking for something special. There is always a good mix of items each week to choose from we appreciate you stopping by to view our auction. Many of our auctions start at $1. we may from time to time auction items with a RESERVE. The reverse price will be listed. We may also have a few BUY IT NOW items that have a set price you can find those at the end of the auction listing usually #95 thru #100 CLICK THE GREEN PRICE BUTTON AND OWN IT INSTANTLY.

Bid to Win charges a 15% buyers premium on each item sold. Please be aware of this additional charge as it will be added to your winning bids. This 15% fee will automatically show on your bidding page. New Hampshire has NO sales tax. That's it ~ There are no other fees unless you are having your items shipped

Bid to Win is open 3 days each week for you to preview or pick up/drop off your items. Business hours are WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY 1pm to 6pm or by appointment for special circumstances.  PLEASE DO NOT disturb people living next door to our store or knock on their door. They are not part of our business.


How to pay for your items: CASH for orders $20 or less or credit card payments for other orders through our terminal when you pick up your items. We DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS. We appreciate payment and pick up of won items within 7 days of auction end. If you cannot pick up items within 7 days let us know. We can shelf your items for 2 weeks if you want to buy more in another auction and pick up at the same time. HOWEVER you must pay for the items won each week so we can clear our books and pay consignors. We appreciate your promptness. 

Bid to Win SHIPPING PAYMENT For those folks picking up every 2 weeks or having items shipped your payment can be taken over the phone for that weeks purchases. It is important to be punctual with payments if you win items so we can pay our consignors

We can ship your items or have it deliveredWe ship most items by USPS mail or FedEx ask for rates based on your zip code. **A packing fee of $5 or less PER BOX will be added to your total shipping costs. KEEP IN MIND we will ship multiple small items in one box to save you the "per box" fee. This charge covers our in house shipping costs for supplies. THE FEE WILL NEVER BE GREATER THAN $5 MOST TIMES IT WILL BE LESS.  If items are delicate or extremely fragile they will need to ship in a separate box to protect your purchase.  Please ask for a shipping quote prior to bidding if you are thinking of having items shipped to you so there are no surprises. We suggest you ask for the quote before winning the items. We are happy to give you a quote based on your zip code before you make the bid. Keep in mind the post office and FedEx rates their packages by size and weight so the larger or heavier the items are the more you will pay. We have no control over their fees. Delivery is available on most items within a 50 mile radius of Milford NH. Ask for rates ~ NO TRANSPORT FEE IF YOU PICK UP AT OUR SHOP.

Bid to Win will ship to the USA & to most International countries by USPS Priority mail, FedEx or USPS Priority International shipping. Once we provide a confirmation of shipment or tracking number the the buyer, (you) agree to be responsible for any customs or other fees related to the shipment upon arrival or as it passing through shipping chanels. You will be responsible for packages that are held up in countries due to foreign rules or regulations or packages that never arrive to their final destination USA or overseas. Keep in mind once the package leaves our Post Office we have no control over the shipment or its delivery. Most priority shipping includes insurance in the USA. First Class packages DO NOT include insurance unless you specify that you want to pay this additional fee.


CREDIT CARDS  can be kept on file in our safe for customers that want items shipped. That way we can clear our books each week to pay our consignors and ship your items automatically. A receipt of payment will be in your box with an itemized list of what you purchased. This is secure and a great way to get your items shipped on Wedneday or Thursay without multiple phone calls. I am licensed and bonded so your credit card # is safe with me for your use only.


PLEASE BRING BOXES AND WRAPPING PAPER TO PACK YOUR ITEMS  many items are fragile and require paper, bubble wrap, boxes or bags. We DO NOT supply these items.


Bid to Win offers jewelry from time to time from local estates and consignors. As with any item we offer we will describe what is identified on the piece. We do not have the ability to test these items

Bid to Win does not offer warranties or guarantee any item as original, antique or otherwise. We auction just about everything here including vintage, used, antique & decorative items. Our description of an item is only our opinion as we look at each item. Please preview items before bidding at our store located at 175 N. River Rd Milford, NH during our open hours (Wed, Friday & Saturday 1pm to 6pm or call 603 235-8439. All items are sold as is where is, no exception. All sales are final we do not offer refunds or make exchanges. Preview is available to see the items in person during our open hours. Your bid is a legal contract to purchase that item.

Bid to Win will accept most consignment items.  We will sell your items based on a sliding consignment fee shown on our consignment fee page of 30% or less.  This fee is only charged if your item sells. Once items are contracted to auction they will be auctioned within 3 weeks. Please be advised that items in our auction starts at $1.  unless we are having a scheduled live auction. There is no guarantee that the price will go higher although we believe the bidders will pay a fair market value, there is always a risk in any auction. We have no control over the bidding process items will sell to the highest bidder at auction end. We are experienced and have an extensive mailing list of customers that are ready to buy your merchandise.

Bid to Win will pay consignors postmarked within 14 days of the auction end. You will receive a listing of items sold, minus the consignment feee agreed upon with your check by mail. Items not sold can be picked up or donated to our charity auction. We WILL NOT relist unsold consignment items in another auction. Our charity is the Nashua Humane Society located in Nashua NH. They are a "no kill shelter".

Bid to Win asks that you call ahead for an appointment to consign items with us. We can do walk-in consignments for 5 items or less on Friday or Saturday only. Sending a photo to our email address is helpful:

Bid to Win will not accept bids on any items owned by that consignor.  NH state law forbids collusion. Please refrain from bidding on your own items or we cannot do business with you

Bid to Win offers automatic bidding. If you would like to put in your maximum bid the computer system will bid for you if you are outbid by other bidders. All auctions are timed to give an additional 120 seconds if a bid is placed just before the auction ends. This timing allows other bidders not to be sniped. When the auction ends at 1pm on Sunday wait a few seconds then reload to see the extended bids still on auction. Good luck and happy bidding!

Bid to Win is not responsible for damages caused by fire/theft or breakage of items displayed or stored at our facility NO GOLD, EXPENSIVE JEWELRY OR COINS will be left in the building when it is unoccupied 

Thank you for viewing our auction each week. We appreciate you bidding on our auction items and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Lucinda & Dave




Lucinda Huber NH Lic #2789  *(603) 235-8439        

Dave Huber * auction manager




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